Company Profile

We are a modern, highly ambitious Company

GO Steel a.s. is a leading manufacturer of cold rolled steels. The manufacturing portfolio is represented by electrical steels, alloyed and non-alloyed. Products of GO Steel a.s. are successfully delivered to domestic and foreign markets.

A long-term Company goal is to be a prosperous marketing-controlled enterprise meeting customers' needs and expectations, focused on quality, on-time deliveries and optimization of payment terms. The Company management takes into account requirements for living environment protection, occupational safety and energy management.

The Company development is pursued in the following areas:

Innovation: We focus the innovation processes on enhancement of quality and utility value of products, which, together with effective business policy, allows achieving higher production profitability.

Modernization: The modernization processes are oriented on updating the technological equipment for the manufacture of electrical sheets to meet customers' demands through their utility properties.

Quality: We contribute to the more effective Company management through perfecting the process model of the Company certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

Sales: Meeting the customers' demands especially in the following areas:
- on-time deliveries
- technical service
- contact on a regular basis
- communication
- providing information to customers
- variability of deliveries
- assessment of the customers' satisfaction on a regular basis
- fast shipping

Living environment: We meet requirements of ISO EN 14001 standard through managing environmental impacts of our activities and the regular communication with state administration authorities. We are continuously focused on reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Safety and training of employees: We meet requirements of ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety through our care for professional growth of employees and promoting a favourable working environment.

Energy management: We meet requirements of EN ISO 50001 standard for energy management through implementing proposals for energy intensity reduction.